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Intercheck provides comprehensive online ELDT CDL training program:

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  • Meets federal ELDT Theory Requirements.
  • Complete Program for Students Who Want a CDL.
  • Includes all Required Knowledge Topics.
  • Automated Testing and Record-Keeping.
  • Complete Training Fast and Get Your ELDT Certificate.


Student Information – 2022


  • Complete the classroom theory course, range and behind-the-wheel training to complete Idaho Commercial Drivers’ License certification to obtain an Idaho CDL License.
  • Understand the required knowledge and skills required to safely and effectively operate a variety of commercial motor carrier vehicles.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in classroom knowledge of current laws, regulations, and standard operating procedures used in the trucking industry.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in knowledge of basic mechanical systems, safety procedures and driver responsibilities.


Entry Level Drivers Training (ELDT) for Idaho CDL – Class A
Entry Level Drivers Training (ELDT) for Idaho CDL – Class B

MEETING TIME: As Determined by Individual Student Online

ONLINE ACCESS:  Intercheck Driving Service, LLC,

Owner:  Steven Lloyd            email: intercheck@hotmail.com
Admin:  Mark Snodgrass      email: mark_snodgrass@yahoo.com

Course Description

This course will introduce students to the requirements, knowledge and skills required to become certified for a Commercial Driver’s License in Idaho.  The classroom theory component described below provides extensive information concerning many aspects of motor vehicle licensing including; general information, safe driving, transporting cargo and passengers, air brake systems, requirements for specific endorsements, vehicle inspections, basic control skills and the requirements for the road test.

Completion of training with a registered provider is required before taking the CDL knowledge or skills exam.

Course Timelines and Requirements

Federal ELDT guidelines require competence rather than seat time.  Courses may be completed at the pace and schedule of each individual student.  Intercheck Driving Services LLC offers:

  • Entry Level Drivers Training Theory Course; Class and And Class B online instruction.

Course Payment and Refund Policy

Students will submit payment at the beginning of each course.  Students will receive a full refund in the event that Intercheck Driving Services LLC should be unable to fulfill its education obligations.   Student will not be refunded any money after individual theory course online instruction and practice exam materials have been started or completed.

  • Student ELDT Class A or Class B Theory Course     $  29.95  per course

Student Code of Conduct; Rights and Responsibilities

All students participating in Intercheck Driving Services courses are held to the same academic and behavioral standards of students at a vocational-technical education institution or university.

Students may be removed from any training or instructional program for:

  • Academic integrity lapses related to sharing information with other non-participating individuals; cheating, copying materials, plagiarism, etc..
  • Returned checks, declined online pay applications, or other payments marked as insufficient funds or declined payments.

Student Dismissal and Grievance Procedures

  • Students who wish to file a grievance with Intercheck Driving Services LLC must use the online Student Grievance Submission Form. Please click here to download the form
  • Specific grievance process guidelines are provided online in Student Information
  • Intercheck Driving Services LLC will respond within five business days of receipt of the Student Grievance Submission Form to set an appointment for in-person review.

Unit Quizzes and Exams

Each unit will include quizzes to check student understanding of materials.

Students may not move to the next unit until they obtain an 80% or greater score on the exam.  Unit Exams may be retaken twice if a student receives less than 80% on that section.

Course Evaluation

Each student will complete and submit a course and instructor evaluation at the end of the course.  Results of the evaluations will used by Intercheck Driving Services for instructor evaluations, course improvement, and determinations of assessment reliability. Please click here to download the course evaluation form.

Student Acknowledgment of Financial Commitment

All students participating in education, practice, or behind-the-wheel skills training, agree to pay prior mentioned fee-for-service payment to Intercheck Driving Service LLC and understand the following statement related to Idaho education delivery by Intecheck Driving Service LLC.

By Signing up for this course, I acknowledge the following:

“I understand that Intercheck Driving Service LLC is registered with the State Board of Education in accordance with Section 33‐2403, Idaho Code.

I also understand that the State Board of Education has not accredited or endorsed any course of study being offered by Intercheck Driving Service LLC, and that these courses may not be accepted for transfer into any Idaho public postsecondary institution.”


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