Requirements for DMV Written Test

Idaho Residents:

  1. Study the Idaho CDL Manual.
  2. Be prepared to take the Idaho CDL written test (Class A with Air Brakes, sections 2, 3, 5 and 6) upon arrival to school.
  3. Be proficient at shifting a manual transmission if possible.
  4. Watch the video multiple times. Pay close attention to the air brakes checks and proper transmission use. The road trip portion of the test is NOT covered in the video. Carefully study the road test section in the Idaho CDL Manual (Section 13).
  5. Study the Idaho CDL Manual section 11-32, (Air Brake Check ) automatic skills test failure if not performed correctly.
  6. Practice backing maneuvers with your private vehicle with as short a trailer as possible.
  7. Go to the DMV (DMV Checklist and locations)  and take the general knowledge combination air brakes written test for Class A CDL prior to the start of class -and- obtain a CLP (Commercial Learner’s Permit).
  8. Not required, but highly recommended: obtain a DOT physical.
    More information on DOT Driver Medical Requirements

If you are 21 years or older you may obtain a permit from your current state of residence, test on that permit in Idaho, and then return to your home state to be issued your Class A CDL.  You must first check with your local DMV, to ensure that they will accept the Idaho skills test results. Some states will not accept skills test results from another state. (State of Washington will NOT accept out-of-state skills test results.)

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