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CDL Idaho will be happy to help individuals during the following stages of getting a CDL. All communication for each applicant will be via text, with a separate phone number for each person. We also require a separate email for each applicant.  If you want to attend as a small group, we need a name and separate phone number and email for each member of the group. We text and email each person getting a CDL to communicate with each person separately.

Please text or call 208-941-8807 to start the process. We will need to text you to confirm your phone number. We will need to text any member of your small group as individuals to schedule and confirm your group.  Thank you.


5 Steps to Complete Your CDL Course

Complete the ELDT theory course for which you are applying:

PLEASE NOTE – We are not a truck driving school.  We are a testing/evaluation agency. Practice and learn the following steps in order to pass our evaluation. We provide minimum guidance if you have the pretrip inspection and backing maneuvers memorized, but need feedback.

Memorize the pretrip inspection video in English. Link to Video on YouTube
If you do not have this inspection memorized, we will immediately discontinue your evaluation.



Practice the backing maneuvers with a short trailer.
If you do not know how to back up a short trailer , we will immediately discontinue your evaluation.



Be able to perform the mandatory brake inspection with no errors.
If you do not have the following inspection memorized, we will immediately discontinue your evaluation.

Air Brake Systems Checks;

Start the Engine; full air pressure (120-125 psi)

1. Turn Engine OFF; Turn key to ON position

2. Truck Brakes OFF; Trailer Brakes OFF

      • Push in both knobs (yellow & red)
      • Gauges will activate and normalize

3. Air Leak Test:

      • Step on brake pedal and hold
      • Watch the air gauges on dash
      • System may not lose more than 3 psi for single; 4 psi for combo

4. Low Pressure Warning (55-65 psi) Test:

      • Pump brake pedal
      • Watch air gauges on dashboard
      • Warning light and buzzer will sound between 65-55 psi

5. Low Pressure Spring Brake Activation Test:

      • Pump brake pedal
      • Between 45-20 psi, TPV and Parking Brake will POP out, both knobs
      • Warning light and buzzer will sound between 65-55 psi

6. Start the Engine (safe start; neutral and brakes)

7. Truck and Trailer Tug Tests:

      • Truck Parking Brake Test
        • Parking Brake ‘ON’; TPV Brake ‘OFF’
        • Tug to check truck brake hold
      • Trailer Parking Brake Check (TPV)
        • Parking Brake ‘OFF’; TPV Brake ‘ON’
        • Tug to check trailer brake hold

8. Service Brake Check Test:

      • While Traveling a 5 MPH, activate brakes coming to a full stop
      • Check for pulling from one side or other braking problems


When you have passed the ELDT theory course, and memorized the video, please text a photo of your CDL permit, your driver’s license and the ELDT Theory Course Completion Certificate. Each person must text from their own phone. We will also need your email. We will call or text you within 48 hours to set an appointment for the ELDT Behind the Wheel Training and the CDL exam.

Please Review our Booking Site to check Availability

Out of state applicants will be required to be in Idaho for three days. ELDT BTW training on day one, and CDL testing on day three.

Please be advised we are not a truck driving school. All applicants must have experience with commercial vehicles prior to enrolling in our program.

Thank you!

Steven Lloyd
Intercheck LLC/CDL Idaho

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