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CDL Testing in Idaho

Intercheck LLC’s owners have over 20 years of experience testing for Commercial Driver’s Licenses. We are available to test year round, just give us a call to schedule. We are happy to answer your questions, it is not a complicated process, but there are definitely some steps to follow in the right order. We present some of the most frequently asked questions below, let us know if you need further answers.


Q. What are the new FMCSA Requirements to get a CDL?

A. You must complete an online theory course, behind the wheel range training and complete behind the wheel road training (there are no minimum time requirements, dependent on experience).


Q. Can I test in Idaho with an out of state permit?

A. Yes, Idaho accepts all US states’ permits except for Washington and North Carolina. You can test in Idaho with an Idaho and 47 other state permits if you are 21 or over.


Q. How long does the CDL test take?

A. The test takes 1 to 1.5 hours.


Q. How long after I get my permit do I have to wait to take the practical exam?

A. You have to wait 14 days to take the practical exam.


Q. Can I take the test over the weekend?

A. Yes, call for an appointment and we will discuss available times.


Q. When do I get the test results?

A. We will let you know immediately.


Q. If I need to retake the test, do I have to pay for it and when can I schedule it?

A. We offer retakes, you can retake after 3 days. Call us for more information.


Q. Where is the CDL and ELDT training done?

A. We meet in Meridian, Idaho, close to the corner of Linder and Ustick.


Q. How long does it take to get my CDL after I pass my practical test?

A. It takes 24 hours to get your CDL.


Truck Rental Available

Q. I do not have a truck to test with, what should I do?

A. We have a rental truck available, please call for more information.


Q. What kind of transmission does the rental truck have?

A. We have both a manual and automatic trucks available for rent.

  • International 4300 6 speed manual
  • International 4300 automatic
  • 24 foot flatbed trailer

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